Maheekats, Internet, Hideki Sakomizu, DJ Permanent Starlight

Who?  All of our best friends from Internet ( and also DJ Permanent Starlight (… you might remember him, he played bass with us for a few gigs!

Plus a very special guest from Japan, Hideki Sakomizu ( Check it out!  Way cool!

Where? Whiskey Richards the Rock and Roll Pour House
435 State St
Santa Barbara, CA

When? Friday, August 15 – DJ starts around 9:30pm

Post for gig that has a picture of a little girl getting pretend bitten on the arm by a large stuffed bird.


What and why? It’s music and it’s fun!!!

It’s Saturday!

What are you doing Saturday night?  Come and join us, Run-On Sunshine, Cave Babies and Internet at The Hard To Find!  That way on Sunday you can say to yourself “That was good, that was fun, tomorrow’s another one”!




If you recognized that quote… it’s similar to one by Dr. Seuss. =^.^=

New Song from Maheekats – Shotgun

green maheekat with white wings

We wrote this song about war years ago. We thought we’d put it down because of recent problems in the middle east, and well, lots of places around the world. We’re sick of war.  We hope it will lift some spirits in this time of sorrow.


Don’t leave me
Hold my hand
A century of war

I run
Every feeling
Leaves me kneeling
Looking into the face of war

My love
Keeps me warm
In my lion heart
Here he come the warrior

Open the door

Edgy, Haunting, Dream Pop


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