Maheekats to play Velvet Jones with Trance to the Sun and Mercury’s Antennae

It’s gonna be a gothy night.  All female singers.  Trance to the Sun with Ingrid Luna Blue, Mercury’s Antennae with Dru Delmonico (of This Ascension), and Maheekats with meeee! haha!

I’m going to open my eyes and look at you.

Maheekats have a couple of new tunes and we intend to play them for you on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at Velvet Jones right around 10 pm.  Mercury’s Antennae will go on around 9, then Maheekats around 10, and headlining the night is Trance to the Sun.  The doors will open at 8 pm so we can all exchange conversation before the music takes stage.

TTTS April 29 2014


Here’s a taste of Trance to the Sun

Here’s a taste of Mercury’s Antennae


P.S. the new tunes we’re going to play haven’t been released yet.  The names are “In the End” and the super new one is “Indigo”.  Listen for them when you’re at the show!!!

Dark Waves Hit Santa Barbara Tuesday, April 29 at Velvet Jones

The west coast shoreline will be drenched in the exquisite ambiance of Mercury’s Antennae


Then haunting billows of resounding delicacy will sea mist all around us with Maheekats


And then we will experience a wild splashing of elegantly crashing sonic waves from Trance to the Sun

TTTS April 29 2014