Keep the Net Neutral


Sept. 10th is the Internet Slowdown

Cable companies want to slow down (and break!) your favorite sites, for profit. To fight back, let’s cover the web with symbolic “loading” icons, to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers.

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Two Shows This Week!

First we have Thursday at Whiskey Richards with the alternative band Slanted Land!

Poster for Maheekat and Slanted Land Show

Then we’ll be at the not-so-bar-scene place, Muddy Waters Coffee House with the dark wave music beats of Face Tat who are on tour from San Francisco!

Poster for Maheekats and Face Tat Show


Come and join us!  Get out for a change! 



This is a song about Sri Yukteswar and how “the devotee bees sought the divine nectar of the liberated master.” When you’ve had it with the world and nature is the all-accepting force. Remember we are not alone. Nobody is alone. Also remember, follow yourself.


On the hill a flower grows
And they know that nature knows
They come to me
Devotee Bees

Where you go to find yourself?
When they put you on a shelf
You come to me
Devotee Bees

Take this darkness away

Add to curiosity
The best things in life are free
So come to me
Devotee Bees

I’m alone
I’m alone
I’m alone so shine
I’m alone
I’m alone
I’m alone with you
Love that is shining through
Love that is shining through

We wanted to put down this song in lieu of the shows we’ve been doing with the drum machine.  To give you a feel of what it would sound like live.

Edgy, Haunting, Dream Pop


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