Maheekats Third Full-Length Release Phosphorus Man

“This is one of those rare releases that is truly hitting on all cylinders. The music is clever and melodic, and Clara’s singing sounds confident and unrestrained, and cuts right to your soul. The gravity of the music hits you right out of the gate with “The Emptiness”. Other highlights are the urgent sounding “Dungeon” the triumphant “Dragon”, the music box-like “Willie Mangle Blue Cheese” and my favorite “Moon”, which puts a lump in your throat with its moody guitar intro, and its intimate, heart felt lyrics, like any good hors d’oeuvre it really leaves you wanting more. This is a must for any collection, and is one of those albums that will forever define the moment you first heard it.”

The album is available as a CD as well as a Download.

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The album’s cover features Craig Camp’s painting named The Future.

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