Maheekats Come Back with a New EP

You’d think sometimes life would give you a break, instead it ends up breaking you. Maheekats’ new EP is finally released after nearly five years since our previous album, Sidetracked – Arbitrary Sonic Inklings.

The album has since received a really great review from Primal Music Blog…

What do you get when you mix smooth soundscapes with rock’n’roll, hush with loudness or hypnosis with high flying vocals? ‘Songs from the Woods’ is what you get. This mini album/EP from dream rock duo The Maheekats seeks to remind the listener of the past, while evoking originality and something altogether interesting…  And it does so over the course of six dream inspired, folk-impinged rock and pop tracks. READ MORE…

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The album cover art is by our good friend in England, Maria Sol. This piece is called Dryad. Her artwork is divine and can be found featured on Behance.


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