Getting all abstract to capture a feeling

This song is about a feeling I had when an employer of mine moved away. After work, we used to sit and have tea and biscuits on her back patio which overlooked her lovely flower garden. At times I felt frustrated with the work, so I would hurry up and finish early so I could sit and chat with her. I learned so much. In the end, life moved on to find another bread & butter job and I felt broken by process.

I didn’t want the last line to have a true rhyme because I wanted to give the feeling of floating and not wanting to fall.


When it breaks, it breaks me down
Down Oh!

Cold water under the bridge
Icicles upon the hedge

If you go far away

Swirling wind under your throne
So much ringing drone

When it breaks, it breaks me down

In the middle of the end
Floating on a razor’s edge

When it breaks, it breaks me down

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