Facing fear and playing the songs acoustically

We set up a couple of cameras and a couple of mics. I warmed up, dressed up, then sat down in front of the lights and played a few songs from Maheekats first release, God Has a Cadillac Too.

It was challenging because there really wasn’t much else besides me and a song. These aren’t cover songs either. They are the creations that Craig and I have released years ago.

The background videos and imagery were added for extra interest. The first one, for the song Reading Into Stuff, features icebergs, sending a message that I’m breaking the ice in this series.

For the second song, I chose to do Stone. It’s one of my favorite songs from the album because it features Craig singing on it as well as his own lyrics.

Background imagery includes footage of Glacier National Park, a mountainous and rocky region.

Finally, the third song chosen for this series was Mr. Radio Man. It’s a song that was written in my poetry reading days. You can really hear how well the Baby Taylor plays in this song. It is my favorite acoustic guitar to date.

The background shows footage of the beatnik era. I think I’m a beatnik!

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