The Maheekats latest EP, Songs from the Woods, is an eclectic and ethereal odyssey deep into six tracks of dream pop, goth, and post-punk poetry.

“Distinctly modern and yet feels so wonderfully familiar.” - Strawberry Tongue Magazine

(LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A.) DECEMBER 1st, 2016 - If you follow this musical map from the Maheekats, you’ll arrive at a place where the past and future simultaneously collide, poking an artistic hole in the fabric of space-time. It is at this very spot you’ll be able to hear Songs from the Woods, the latest EP from the Maheekats. The Maheekats have created six separate tracks to trek toward their secret garden of soundscapes. It is an ethereal odyssey through the genres of dream pop, goth, and post-punk poetry.

The Maheekats are a dream-rock duo consisting of Clara Efrona and Craig Camp. Since 1999, they’ve pushed the creative limits of their style which is both cutting-edge and a bit retro. Available as a CD as well as electronic download, the project marks their fifth full-length release. Songs from the Woods showcases Efrona’s vocal prowess as well as Camp’s exceptional work as an instrumentalist. “Our goal is to sculpt soundscapes from poetry while blurring the lines of rock, folk, and psychedelic,” offers Clara.

The Maheekats rebel against the stifling boundaries of genre and this artistic element shines through as the listener travels through Songs from the Woods. There are six all original tracks penned by Efrona and Camp on the EP, which include the incredibly hooky and somewhat retro-flavored tune, “Without Horizons” and its accompanying music video. “Shotgun” is a more rock-infused track behind Clara’s lifting and haunting vocals. It is a multifaceted arrangement which includes synth brass lines and Craig’s bass and drum work. “Lady in Space” should not be overlooked, it is a composition Primal Music Blog calls, “… a distant folk sound that mixes in brilliantly with the dream rock fused bass, thick and heavy.” The Maheekats latest offering is a genuine work of art. The album art includes an illustration of a Dryad by Maria Sol, which compliments the music beautifully. It is a musical map, one that beckons the listener on a trek through six possible paths where you can stop and hear Songs from the Woods.

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Since the band's conception in 1999, it has taken many shapes. Being in a rock band was a new adventure for Clara Efrona, however, she was familiar with playing to audiences with an acoustic guitar. "When Craig bought me the Fender Bronco it was all over. I realized that I could finally create more of the psychedelic sounds I was hearing in my head, rather than only attempting to explain these visions with poetry."


 Craig Camp, on the other hand, had already experienced being in successful bands including ComboNation. At the time he played drums solely. But after he left those bands, he purchased recording equipment and started to explore other musical instruments. "I wanted to write songs..." he says.


Maheekat's first drummer was Randall Marsh of Mudcrutch. After Randall there were a number of other drummers, but none seemed to have the ethereal-rock edge they were after. "... it isn't metal, and it isn't all sweet and folk either. I don't think we really sound like any of our influences." Clara mentions. And she's right. Their influences include the likes of Sun Ra, XTC, Yes, The Specials, Phoebe Snow, and Killing Joke. As a result, finding a drummer has been difficult.


Although Craig plays the drums on their recordings, they prefer to have him on bass for shows. So, you'll sometimes find them playing live with various drummers that fascinatingly learn Craig's intricate drum beats. Another option you might see them choosing for gigs is the well-loved old-school sound of the Alesis SR-16.


"Songs from the Woods" Press Release