Songs from the Woods Remastered!

Maheekats Songs from the Woods Album Cover Tree Woman Pen Art

What a difference!

Maheekats most current EP release, Songs from the Woods, was remastered by Paul du Gré of Paul and Mike’s Studios. Experience the clarity and higher quality than streaming.

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“Maheekats is a dream rock band out of California comprised of Clara Hembree and Craig Camp. They blur the lines between rock, folk, ethereal and psychedelic creating a unique groove. They cite diverse influences such as Sun Ra, XTC, Yes, The Specials, Phoebe Snow, and Killing Joke. While the influences are so seemingly random, it makes perfect sense with their overall vibe. Clara’s sweet vocals range from delicate, swooping falsettos to bluesy growls. Paired over luscious melodies of psychedelic and post-punk influenced guitar, bass and drums, Maheekats sound is distinctly modern and yet feels so wonderfully familiar.”
– Strawberry Tongue Radio
Craig Camp: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys
Clara Efrona Hembree: Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Album Art “Dryad” by Maria Sol

Maheekats Come Back with a New EP

Maheekats Songs from the Woods Album Cover Tree Woman Pen Art

You’d think sometimes life would give you a break, instead it ends up breaking you. Maheekats’ new EP is finally released after nearly five years since our previous album, Sidetracked – Arbitrary Sonic Inklings.

The album has since received a really great review from Primal Music Blog…

What do you get when you mix smooth soundscapes with rock’n’roll, hush with loudness or hypnosis with high flying vocals? ‘Songs from the Woods’ is what you get. This mini album/EP from dream rock duo The Maheekats seeks to remind the listener of the past, while evoking originality and something altogether interesting…  And it does so over the course of six dream inspired, folk-impinged rock and pop tracks. READ MORE…

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The album cover art is by our good friend in England, Maria Sol. This piece is called Dryad. Her artwork is divine and can be found featured on Behance.


Maheekats Third Full-Length Release Phosphorus Man

Maheekats Phosphorus Man Album Cover

“This is one of those rare releases that is truly hitting on all cylinders. The music is clever and melodic, and Clara’s singing sounds confident and unrestrained, and cuts right to your soul. The gravity of the music hits you right out of the gate with “The Emptiness”. Other highlights are the urgent sounding “Dungeon” the triumphant “Dragon”, the music box-like “Willie Mangle Blue Cheese” and my favorite “Moon”, which puts a lump in your throat with its moody guitar intro, and its intimate, heart felt lyrics, like any good hors d’oeuvre it really leaves you wanting more. This is a must for any collection, and is one of those albums that will forever define the moment you first heard it.”

The album is available as a CD as well as a Download.

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The album’s cover features Craig Camp’s painting named The Future.

Maheekats Debut Release: God Has a Cadillac Too

Maheekats God Has a Cadillac Too Album Cover

“makes me think of flying dreams, air conditioning and convertible Porsches. That is to say it transports me someplace cool. Day dreamy and breezy without being vacuous, it leaves space to reflect and breathe, giving the music at times a meditative groove. Torchy, lush vocals and lingering melodies sparkle like the California coast on a perfect day; a landscape the musicians are obviously familiar with. Hailing from Maheeland, a mystical portal to other dimensions” Michel Cicero

Maheekats CD Album Cover for God Has a Cadillac Too

Maheekats very first release is available as a compact disc. Experience the clarity and higher quality than streaming.

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