Clara plays songs on acoustic guitar

As part of a new series, we’ve created videos of Clara playing three songs from the indie album, God Has a Cadillac Too. The album was released in 2001 and received some great reviews including this one from Michel Cicero…

“makes me think of flying dreams, air conditioning and convertible Porsches. That is to say it transports me someplace cool. Day dreamy and breezy without being vacuous, it leaves space to reflect and breathe, giving the music at times a meditative groove. Torchy, lush vocals and lingering melodies sparkle like the California coast on a perfect day; a landscape the musicians are obviously familiar with. Hailing from Maheeland, a mystical portal to other dimensions”

Here’s the first release of this new acoustic series… more to come!

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The secret behind the frogs in the bridge of Loaded – and why is the video 3D?

a frog peeking out of a green pond

This is a song I wrote while driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in northern California in the early 1990’s. Craig helped to refine it. Originally, the song was going to be recorded acoustically, with only my vocals and an acoustic guitar. We still might release it that way in the future, but for this version we were inspired to add in drums, bass, keyboards AND some frogs. Frogs? Yes, frogs. 🙂

Earlier this summer there were a few ponds near our neighborhood that were teeming with wildlife and while we were recording the song, we were listening back and thinking about the bridge section. Craig remembered the sound of the frogs in one of the ponds and suggested we try it out to see if it worked. It was a wonderful opportunity to do some field recordings. So we hopped on our bikes (pun intended) and rode to a pond and recorded the frogs singing away at dusk.

We brought the recordings home and edited the frog soundscape into the bridge section. It was such a nice surprise sound and we both really liked the feeling of nature in a song like Loaded.

We also created a video for the song. After we released it, a friend of ours pointed out there are some really cool 3D sections.

My next step was to get some 3D glasses and check it out for myself.

Maheekats Indie Pop 3D Glasses for Loaded

It’s true! There are sections of the video that are in 3D! We had no idea when we created the video.

If you want a pair of glasses, let me know… I’ll send you a pair. I have 9 extra to send to people.

Two Versions of Devotee Bees Single

Maheekats Devotee Bees Album Cover

We Maheekats have played our song Devotee Bees live many times in pubs and clubs, but we hadn’t recorded it yet. We couldn’t decide whether we wanted real drums or a drum machine sound, so we settled on recording both.

This song is about the story of Sri Yukteswar and how “the devotee bees sought the divine nectar of the liberated master.” When you’ve had it with the world and nature is the all-accepting force. Remember we are not alone. Nobody is alone. Also, remember, follow yourself. These are things I’m constantly having to remind myself.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

The first version we completed was with the Alesis SR-16, a great drum machine from the 90’s.

For the next version, we commissioned our friend Mario Calire. We sent him the raw files and he recorded the drums in his own studio. We were happy with the results and mixed the tracks right away.

We’re happy with both, but which version do you prefer?

Maheekats Third Full-Length Release Phosphorus Man

Maheekats Phosphorus Man Album Cover

“This is one of those rare releases that is truly hitting on all cylinders. The music is clever and melodic, and Clara’s singing sounds confident and unrestrained, and cuts right to your soul. The gravity of the music hits you right out of the gate with “The Emptiness”. Other highlights are the urgent sounding “Dungeon” the triumphant “Dragon”, the music box-like “Willie Mangle Blue Cheese” and my favorite “Moon”, which puts a lump in your throat with its moody guitar intro, and its intimate, heart felt lyrics, like any good hors d’oeuvre it really leaves you wanting more. This is a must for any collection, and is one of those albums that will forever define the moment you first heard it.”

The album is available as a CD as well as a Download.

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The album’s cover features Craig Camp’s painting named The Future.